While I, Renato am busy to write this article, my cell phone. I’m called by the director of the nursing home in Shkoder. He has an acute problem. The main pump is overheated and burned. Now water can not be pumped to the first floor of the home. Also on the ground floor is the water pressure too low. This situation has lasted three days, but money to replace the burnt pump, there is not. The government is not going to help. Their excuse is that they have a real problem of flooding. The south and southeast of Albania has suffered major flooding.

In the meantime, in this emergency is provided. Friends from work have paid the water pump and it has been placed. However, there are many challenges facing the elderly in Shkoder has to deal with daily. Supply sufficient food, clean sheets and bedding, washing machines, cookware, cutlery and much care. The residents love it when a group comes along. That’s for them or the sun comes out on a rainy day. Join a group tour. Click here for more information on group travelW



Pray for the elderly people in Shkoder or help in anyway you can