reis albanieIn 2015 we will organize some tours. In addition, it is possible to travel individually to Albania. We arrange tickets and organize the contacts and programs. You will be welcomed at the airport in Tirana by (Dutch) Renato Jani. You can organize your own trip and onset and duration of the trip are flexible.

1. Flex-tri 300,-US dollar* Renato Jani: Individual tours in concert with Renato Jani self select dates. The tour fee is for organizational costs
2. BarnabasConference 13 tot 20July 2015 850 US dollar www.barnabas.nuContact NL: Jaco van der Sterre First you take part in a three day conference in the seaside town of Pogradec. As you get to know your team, you get workshops as a sketch board or sport and play and grow in faith. Then join in to an action team.

* Trip contribution only covers organisation costs.

Go to the contact form to apply for more information.