Many families lack the basic means of livelihood. If people do not have jobs, they can not pay bills for electricity, gas or water. To start a downward spiral of sickness and absence.

Contact Renato Jani:
“In Korca and Shkoder bring most families time by candlelight. There is no money for electricity or gas, there is no income. Yesterday I visited family Prita. Donika mother had no food in the house while she did have to feed five mouths. The neighbor gave her a piece of bread and sugar. Donika mother told me that she was grateful. With € 15, – per week, a family a week long food in the house. ”

But our ideas further. Better than fish, you give people a fishing rod. If we humans are a kid, give a sheep or chickens, they have their eggs, wool, milk and meat eventually. Sometimes you can help people with seeds or small trees. In time, this type of assistance provides more solution than a single diet. The following is a list of what we regularly give to people to provide for their own basic needs:

Goat € 40, –
Sheep € 40, –
10 Chicken chicks € 5, –
Vegetable Pack € 15, –