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The Children’s Plan Sponsor is the one thing we have started to serve in Albania.

This project is located in the area of ​​Shkoder, Tirana, Shkoza (village near Tirana), Iba (Village between Tirana and Elbasan) and Korça.

Since we started in ’93, many families have been blessed with financial support but most of them were given the opportunity to hear for the first time God’s Word.

Through this project, many children came to faith in Jesus and today those kids are church leaders (like brother Klodi Lumçi in Shkoder), worship leaders (such as family Mithi) or they help poor families (like sister Piperku in Shkoza).

We see the fruits of this project. So we want to go further and help more poor families in Albania financially and materially and share with them the word of God.

In recent months, notably the number of sponsors off. Currently we can barely keep 100 children in Albania (a few months ago these were still 150 children).

Do not stop praying for this project. It would be a great boon for the families in Albania if you can finance anything. To sponsor a child is 40 US dollar a month.


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